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Wine-e’s, Wine-o’s and fake tan….

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Majestic ChardonnayI cannot get enough of London at the moment! It helps of course that the sunshine makes everything look amazing but it’s not only the capital that’s looking good it’s the people wandering around it that are looking fabulous too. Have you noticed? Take a look when you’re next having a sneaky cappuccino to drink-in. Every other woman I see looks like she’s just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. Floaty floor length skirts, ankle tie sandals, short jumpsuits, long jumpsuits, bold florals, nude shirts, colour blocking minis all of which are complimented by immaculately painted toes. Of course. You’ll see what I mean when you’re next on the tube, glance down long enough to enjoy the rainbow of colours fit to brighten up the dullest of journeys but look away before you home in on fake tan smears! It’s the beginning of June, we’ll have it perfected by July!

The ease at which so many women have embraced this seasons trends is testament to the fantastic job of the high street and online retailers who have made fashion so affordable and accessible that it’s almost impossible to get it wrong. In wine terms however there are very few retailers that manage to communicate this year’s wine trends and simultaneously inspire people to go out there and try them.


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The pre-apéritif-apéritif….

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Moet ambienceThere’s definitely some change a foot in the wine world but I’m yet to put my finger on it. For starters the last two wine events I’ve been to didn’t have a white clothed trestle table in sight. You see! Take Moët and Chandon who this week launched a ‘ground breaking new champagne’. The biggest Champagne brand sold in the UK in terms of volume, loved and loathed in equal measures by the wine trade for its success and longevity as much as for its sheer volume of sales. And it’s now loved and loathed by me for its ability to bring a slice of St Tropez chic to a noisy roof terrace overlooking Hyde Park Corner as much as for its creative use of the term ground breaking. ………

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Mr Bouquet makes his online debut….

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Mr B quoteIt was some time ago that Miss B first asked me to write a BBF column (Bouquet Best Friend) for her and I apologize for taking so long. There are no excuses, just simple hesitation while I questioned whether I knew anything about wine worth writing. I’m still not convinced I do, however I feel that I am exactly the sort of person that Miss B is targeting and so hoped that if I explained my position and wine frustrations to you now you may relate in some way to me and further understand what Miss B is trying to do…

My wine journey starts pre 2006 when it’s fair to say I was a beer monster, ………

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Cleanse your palate and your soul….

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Tim Adams Pinot Gris 2009

Seems odd to be talking about New Year when ours is such a distant memory but this week marked new year celebrations for one of my favourite countries in the world; Thailand. Mr B and I spent our NYE on a beach in Costa Rica this time and despite being soooo far away from home it was interesting to see that over there they celebrated much in the same way as us; fireworks, booze and parties with friends.

Thailand however does things a bit differently. Having officially changed their New Year to 1st January to coincide with the Western world the traditional festival (13th – 15th April) is still regarded as a national holiday and sees them celebrating by firing gallons of water at each other! Originally believed to cleanse the soul, it’s since become a playful celebration of “water wars” – even police officers get involved!

Unfortunately it’s been a bit too chilly in London this week to get out the water pistols so we had to cleanse our souls in a slightly different way. ………

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Not your usual wine book….

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Every Wine Tells a Story

When did you last read a wine book? Have you ever read one? After passing my WSET diploma many moons ago I put down my Wine Encyclopaedia, the single most uninspired way of learning I’ve yet to come across, and swore I’d never pick up a wine book again.

Inevitably as time has passed the pain has faded and wine books have crept into my beach-time reading a good few times, and there are a couple definately worth looking out for. For wine chick-lit try High Sobriety by Alice King, find out how sour wine can taste in the money’s-no-object tale of The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace and for wine fiction with a twist you’d be sorry not to pick up Malcom Glucks’s laugh-out-loud Chateau Lafite 1953 and other stories.

Whether its fact or fiction there are few wine books out there that successfully display the reason why some people are so in love with wine or eloquently explains what it is that makes a person connect with wine in such an instinctive way. That was until Tara Devon O’Leary came along. ………

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App-ily ever after….

Monday, April 4th, 2011

My Wine Friend... by Miss BouquetThere are quite a few big dates on the horizon. Have you noticed? 29th of April Wills and Kate get married, 23rd of September I get married, and May is the country’s first ever National Wine Month! Have you heard about it? It’s the wine industry’s first attempt at talking to the great British Public as a collective. Under the same wine umbrella and under the same rather catchy strapline ‘Make Time For Wine’.

Chez Miss Bouquet we’re really excited about Making Time for Wine in May and I wanted you to be the first to get a sneak preview of what the Miss Bouquet team have been working on to celebrate! May I tease-troduce you to My Wine Friend…. by Miss Bouquet, a wine iPhone app designed to help you become your own wine expert!

Official launch, May 2011.

Thanks to National Wine Month there’s going to be a lot of wine stuff going on throughout May. Lots of tastings, retailer promotions, winemaker events and more, for a full list of activities visit the Diary page of

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