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And the winner is…

Thursday, August 21st, 2014
sugar pink food
Wine is synonymous with food, but rarely the two actually meet on the same plate. Ok, sometimes in a savoury form; think red wine in bolognese or white in risotto. Right now though a trend is emerging of the sweet variety. Enter Pop Champagne ice lollies, and English wine sorbet.
They may sound a little unusual which is why you may agree that it takes a certain sort of intuition and inventiveness to foresee the trend then dream up the concepts.It’s for this reason that we’re delighted to announce that Sugar Pink Food is the winner of Hardy’s Chardonnay Blogger Challenge. Latoyah, the brains behind the blog hosted a blind Chardonnay tasting of Hardy’s Chardonnay and created three Chardonnay inspired recipes for her guests:


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House wine….

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Drinkaware Track & calculateAt a wine tasting hen party I hosted last week one of the lovely hens was encouraging me to make my own wine. She got her home kit from Wilkos and worked out that a bottle can cost less than £1.50 to make. Wow. I couldn’t hide my admiration for her dedication to having affordable wine literally on tap in her home. This I must try.

In the same week one enterprising duo on Dragon’s Den got funding to grow their home-brew cider kits targeting the uni student market.  Ready in tens days all you have to do is add water and voila, 20 pints of cider for £24.99. That’s £1.25 a pint! While Duncan Bannatyne snatched up a serious measure of Victor’s Drinks for a bargain Deborah Meaden made her feelings clear and distanced herself entirely from the sensitive subject of large volumes of extremely cheap alcohol being made widely available…. Could home-brew kits be next on the anti-alcohol lobby hit list? ………

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Wine photographer of the year….

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

photographer of the year

The Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year competition – the wine-only category of the Pink Lady® Food Photography of the Year 2015 awards – is now open for entries.


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Summer holidays and homework….

Thursday, July 31st, 2014
cimes madiranThe kids maybe on holiday but the learning never stops. Here are five wine related things that we’ve learnt at Miss Bouquet HQ this week:
* There’s no legal drinking age in Shanghai
* Wine bottles are 75cl in size because that was the capacity of the typical glass-blower’s lungs
* The % of alcohol listed on a bottle represents the actual % of the liquid that is alcohol (sounds obvious but we’d just not thought of it that way before!)
* Until 2002 Chardonnay was the most planted variety in NZ, not Sauvignon Blanc
* Madiran from South West France is a great summer red
Homework to complete:


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If you only buy one wine this week….

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

The New Zealand CellarA non-wine-trade friend of mine is taking her WSET certificate for fun and asked me why she ‘s being taught wine country-by-country instead of grape-by-grape. “People I know are just as likely to select a wine by grape as they are by region” she said. Good point.

Although arranging wines in this way in supermarkets hasn’t been successful I love the fact that her freedom from the trade has allowed her to think outside of the wine norm and she’s definitely onto something. Could thinking of wine in this way help broaden our wine drinking horizons so that Argentina becomes known for more than just Malbec and Spain for more than Tempranillo? ………

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Ice wine….

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Ice wineOn a balmy day in London like today wines like these don’t seem like such a silly idea after all…..

Launched 3 years ago Moët & Chandon’s Ice Imperial is back and now it’s in Selfridges. A blend created for a new champagne experience it’s designed to be served with ice to encourage consumers to be more casual with Champagne “… to create a different mood”. It’s a more concentrated blend that shouldn’t be drunk straight up.

Serving suggestion: Take 3 cubes of ice in a bowl shaped wine glass, a few mint leaves, fresh raspberries and some orange rind. Sit back and think of St Tropez. Selfridges, £54.99

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and JP Chenet’s Ice Edition is as good a copycat as any with the exception of the liquid in the bottle, of course. But the price is undeniably chilled, so what would you expect? Available at Asda for £9.99, I just found it online reduced to a cool £6.00. If you’re going to water wine down wine in any way, may as well make it the price!


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