A box of chocolates for my belly….

Monday, December 9th, 2013

[In song]
On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a box of chocolates for my belly!

I have to put blinkers on at this time of year every time I go past a stack of family sized tubs of chocolate. It’s too tempting, especially Cadbury’s which I know has an unfashionably low level of actual cocoa in it but it’s full of lovely family Christmas memories so its hard to resist.
A great alternative is something a little smaller and perhaps a little more sophisticated. A small family run Scottish chocolate company called Genevie curates just such boxes with a thoughtful choice of flavours and they deliver to your door avoiding all the other tempting treats in the naughty aisle. Their favourite source of cocoa beans is Ghana where the beans produce a creamy smooth chocolate that allows a high cocoa content without sacrificing the silk like quality you’ll find in Genevie’s chocolates.

Particular favourites of mine from their classic red box of 12* chocolates included the dark orange, the praline crisp, milk truffle and the coconut and pineapple which may sound a little challenging but is surprisingly enjoyable in an indulgent pina-colada sort of way!
* Available exclusively online at Chocolate by Genevie, £10.95



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