A wine of two halves….

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

McGuigan Torode SemillonThe Drinks Business has reported data that shows when we buy Australian wine we gravitate stylistically to their extremes, preferring either their lightest or their heaviest vinos. An out dated presumption of Australian wines was once of heavy and unrefined styles so it’s refreshing to see this opinion is evolving and in view of the research makes me think this should be good news for the wine lovers favourite: Hunter Valley Semillon.

This mysterious grape has been grown in Australia’s oldest wine region for years but has remained an enthusiast’s choice or secret. It’s unique in the way that it caters for both ends of the wine drinkers spectrum being crisp, zesty, mouthwatering and thirst quenching in its youth and evolving into a rich, full bodied, winter warming white by its teens.

Trouble is the most reputable ones often come with a price tag to match which is why McGuigan’s latest venture with Aussie TV chef John Torrode has caught my attention. McGuigan have been making affordable Semillon for sometime but this one is purely Hunter Valley fruit and there lies the key. Drink now with those that love a lighter crisp and fresh white or pop on your wine rack and forget about it for a while and open with friends that prefer a more serious glass in a year or three. Soon to be released in the UK for £12.99 check McGuigan’s Facebook page, their website or drop them an email (mcguiganuk@mcguiganwines.com.au) for more info on stockist details.

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