A wine you cannot critter-cise…

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Despite the often irrelevant connection to the bottles they adorn, the idea of critters on wine labels continues to thrive. Elephants, lizards, bees, butterflies, sheep, goats…. dogs….. cats, lamas, alpacas…. they’re all at it. And I’m guilty of it myself, having created two critter themed wine brands from scratch: one went on to achieve international success, the other lies on the cutting room floor.

In a double critter whammy the best Pinot Noir I’ve tasted all year not only has a bear on the label but is available from online wine shop Red Squirrel Wine! Oliver Zeter Pinot Noir Reserve 2010 from Pfalz in Germany is an outstanding example of Pinot Noir in its own right as well as an impeccable example of the quality of Pinot Noir that Germany can produce. It’s earthy and intense, with whiffs of autumn leaves, wild berries and wet pine trees. It’s made of the sort of stuff to make your evening melt into the bottle.

And what of the bear on the label? I’m none the wiser when I say he’s a Weinbären (a wine bear) and that a glass or two is like a big cuddily Weinbären hug? I give up, I’ll let Nik Darlington of Red Squirrel Wine explain the rest.


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