Bernard Series Roussanne

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Bernard seriesWine: Bellingham, The Bernard Series Roussanne 2009, Paarl South Africa

Style: enchantingly fruity

Outlet: Sainsburys

Price: £9.99

Occasion: One for the sofa, dinner party at yours, dinner party at theirs

Trend: New Romatics

Why you should be seen drinking this wine:

Dressed in a beautifully chic french boudoir style label it will look good in your basket and on your wine rack. The wine itself is full of kiwi fruit and gooseberry aromas with hints of herbal tea and peppery spices on the palate, lovely, crisp and dry on the finish. It’s a perfect example of creativity gone right.

Miss B’s verdict: SWALLOW!!

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2 Responses to “Bernard Series Roussanne”

  1. Niel says:

    Hi there, we will be harvesting the 2011 vintage of the Bernard series Whole bunch Rousanne today. Follow it on my blog if you like.
    Thanks for the lovely write up.
    Niel Groenewald
    Bellingham Winemaker.

  2. Miss Bouquet says:


    Thanks for getting in touch. Really look forward to tasting the 2011 once it makes it to our shores!

    Good luck with the harvest.
    Miss B