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Monday, January 27th, 2014

If you’ve put yourself through dry January this year (*applause*) then by the end of this week wine will making a welcome re-appearance on your shopping list. But what if the wine you’ve been longing for isn’t on offer this weekend, just at the moment you need it most? I’m not particularly habitual when it comes to buying wine, my taste varies from day to day, but if you’re a creature of habit then that go-to bottle of Malbec or never-let-you-down Sauvignon Blanc is most likely what you’ll be craving.

If this sounds like you then have a nose around, a new website in the world of comparison sites that will help you find your fix for the best price by scouring the ranges of the big 5 supermarkets and a handful of online wine retailers + Majestic.

If your favourite bottle is a supermarket ‘own label’ then by it’s very nature this isn’t for you but if you’re buying wine in bulk for a party and want the best deal on a Sauvignon Blanc from NZ then is exactly where to head to be sure of 1. finding something at the price you want to pay (there are over 6,000 different products on the site, including spirits, champagne and beer as well as wine) and 2. of finding the best deal on the day you want to buy it because the prices are updated daily.

Coincidentally it’s Baby Bouquet’s birthday this week and we’d be using as a resource to supply the adult refreshments were it not for the fact that the party is already ‘sponsored’ by the Meerkat Family, a new range of South African wine from Charlie The Wine. If only it was listed on so I could compare the meerkat….!!


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