Champagne or Bublés…?

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

not all that sparkles is champagne
In the season of good cheer and all things bubbly it’s unfortunate timing to learn that the Champenoise are ploughing forward with a particularly uncheerful law suit. Wine critic, presenter and educator Champagne Jayne stands accused of misleading and deceiving the public by using the name Champagne Jayne whilst also promoting other sparkling wines, and according to is being taken to court over the matter for trademark infringement by France’s Champagne trade body.

I wonder if Champagne will ever taste the same for Jayne again. I can’t help feeling that the PR juggernaut behind this famous regions wines has shot itself in the foot, twice. In the first instance for potentially loosing a serious spokesperson and supporter for their wines whilst at the same time proving they are more out of touch with their consumers than ever before. The reality of the bubbly season in 2014 couldn’t be easier to gauge: Champagne will feature in our festivities, yes, but definitely not exclusively. Hosts and guests today are as proud to pour or be served Champagne as they are Prosecco, Cava, Cremant and English bubbles and the reality of the diversity that’s out there should be embraced not suppressed.
To prove the point here’s two from the line up for my girls Christmas party drinks next week. Could there be a rebranding exercise in order? Jayne Bublé has a certain ring to it, come to think of it a different kind of PR machine might have something to say about that…
Perlezza Prosecco Brut NV, Spar, £9.00 reduced to £6.00 until 1st Jan! (also available in magnum and mini 20cl bottles)
This is a creamy version of an italian classic, with more body to it than most it would go as well with canapés as it would with pudding thanks to a little sweetness on the finish.

Champagne Lucie & Sebastien Cheurlin Brut NV,,
Sitting smack in the middle of the bargain basement supermarket deals and the top shelf £30’ers this is an all round crowd pleaser. Full of the buttery pastry and fresh citron tastiness of a tarte au citron. That’ll do nicely.
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