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Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Tim Adams Pinot Gris 2009

Seems odd to be talking about New Year when ours is such a distant memory but this week marked new year celebrations for one of my favourite countries in the world; Thailand. Mr B and I spent our NYE on a beach in Costa Rica this time and despite being soooo far away from home it was interesting to see that over there they celebrated much in the same way as us; fireworks, booze and parties with friends.

Thailand however does things a bit differently. Having officially changed their New Year to 1st January to coincide with the Western world the traditional festival (13th – 15th April) is still regarded as a national holiday and sees them celebrating by firing gallons of water at each other! Originally believed to cleanse the soul, it’s since become a playful celebration of “water wars” – even police officers get involved!

Unfortunately it’s been a bit too chilly in London this week to get out the water pistols so we had to cleanse our souls in a slightly different way. We cooked up an aromatic Thai feast of Mr B’s famous prawn and pork sesame toasts and my Thai green curry and sticky rice. Both from scratch, of course, and both crying out for a wine worthy of our hard work. Tim Adams Pinot Gris 2009 from Australia’s Clare Valley was the perfect hit. Delightful lychee, pear and apricot aromas and a slight sweetness on the finish gives the wine just the right weight and texture to stand up to the powerful flavours of the food. Don’t be put off by the country folk silhouettes on the bottle or the unexpected pink hue of a grape that is most commonly fermented as a white wine and enjoy the fact that when treated as purely as these grapes have been the naturally pink pigment of their skin may well help cleanse your palate and your soul! £11.00 from its worth adding to your basket while you’re online.

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