Come on England!!

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Camel Valley vineyardThe World Cup is responsible for a lot of things lately; nervous excitement as we all grip to the thread of hope that England are still in; sleepless nights as Mr Bouquet stays up watching each and every game and a rise in the sale of all things Brazilian…. including wine.

Rather astonishing the UK is now the number one export market for Brazilian wines which considering we’re also in the game to win it makes me think that wine importers and retailers have got this a bit wrong. Pushing Brazilian wine while England are still in with a chance seems a little traitorous. Surely at moments of patriotism like this it’ll be sales of English wines that sore?

No longer tarnished with the ‘novelty factor’ English wines have more than a few good reasons to shout right now and meeting Cornwall’s Camel Valley winemaker Sam Lindo at his estate last week made me realise just how bright the future of the English wine making industry is.

The place is beautiful; quiet, scenic and boutiquey: a shrine for English wine fans. The modesty of the winemaker is by no means reflective of the number of medals and trophies that either he himself or his wines has won. There is no pretence here. No pomp and ceremony. Unlike it’s biggest rival, Champagne, there is only a short history that precedes it so there is no romance in the story that needs to be upheld despite it’s distance from the everyday reality. And it was refreshing to see and to hear.

And yet the friendly feel of the winery should not deceive.  These guys are serious, it was arguably their amazing Vintage Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé that won best sparkling wine in the world, twice, that put English wines firmly on the map. When asked the secret to their success Sam’s response was simple: there are few tactics involved, hard work, passion and attention to detail brings the trophies home. Perhaps Roy Hodgson could take heed of this advice too.

Get your hands on a bottle of multi award winning Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé from English wine specialists The Wine Pantry or order online direct from the winery. It’s a trophy of a wine that we can all be proud of.

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