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Sunday, December 14th, 2014


Christmas wine gifts tend to fall into one of three categories: novelty, naff and unsociably expensive. Luckily this year that’s changed and I can now relieve you of the worries of what to get the wine drinker in your life. Good bye Santa Claus wine bottle jackets and snowman shaped corkscrews here are two last minute wine gifts that will guarantee you a Thank You card. One in the post, not just a text message, cos that is naff.

Sip & Learn:
What greater gift is there than the gift of knowledge…. knowledge that comes with bottles of wine of course! This is a great one for those that don’t live near a decent wine course provider but crave to know more about wine and is an inspired choice at this wintery time of year when leaving the comfort of your sofa is, well.. unlikely. French friends Marie-Anne and Sylvain have created a comprehensive 12-month wine-tasting program that covers the basics. The program is simple:

* They send you a Sip & Learn wine tasting box every month
* You receive 2 carefully selected bottles of wine and an education booklet each time
* Start sipping and learning about wine

The beauty of this idea is the payment plan. You can buy a one off month for £35 (including delivery) and see how you get on, or commit to 3, 6 or the full 12 months. It’s up to you. I tried the tasting box from month one and loved the fact that I didn’t feel like I was on a wine course. No old farts here just beautiful packaging, great tasting wines and engaging information without the overload. Highly recommended.

The Grape Club:
TheGrapeClubFounded by first cousins of wine producing dynasty the Symington family Ant and Louisa have created The Grape Club to solve the problem faced by busy professionals forced to pick up disappointing last-minute wine purchases on the way to see friends for dinner. Never know which wine to choose? They will do that for you. Sign up to a monthly package of £45 and you will receive a box of four different wines curated from the broad portfolio of their family wine importing business Fells, each month and learn a different story behind each one.

Whether it’s wine volume or wine knowledge that will set your 2015 in motion what’s great about both is their affordability to make a cracking Christmas present that is guaranteed to get those bells jingling!

Merry Christmas!!

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