Double your money or quits….

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

BBC1’s Watchdog made interesting viewing last night. Did you see it? Oz Clarke unveiled what many of you have suspected for years: a wine that is on promotion for several months of the year is not worth it’s original price tag.
Having this fact confirmed for us though may not necessarily help us resist these temptations in the supermarket aisles, but if it has put you off buying cheap for a while then double your money and your chances of seriously enjoying a wine with a bottle of Longview The Whippet Sauvignon Blanc from the Adelaide Hills in Australia.

It was the standout white wine by a mile at the Oddbins Press tasting this week which is saying something as there were 189 wines on show. It’s intensity and freshness will appeal to your better self who likes to savour every mouthful and consider layers of flavour whilst enjoying intelligent conversation about the price of wine. Sherbet, passionfruit, elderflower, lemon and lime characters flow out of the glass, across your tongue, down your throat and trigger your arm to bring the glass back to your lips again in a seamless swoop of thirst.

If you missed the show catchup on BBC iPlayer or join in the conversation below. And remember, if you want to really get to grips with the figures then work out how much tax and duty you’re paying per bottle of wine using the UK Wine Tax Calculator app which will help spending £13.00 on this Sauvignon Blanc make a whole lot of sense.


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2 Responses to “Double your money or quits….”

  1. Eleanor Bolton says:

    I saw the show, it was quite eye opening. I can’t believe the wine in a £5 bottle is only worth 20p!!!

  2. Miss Bouquet says:

    It certainly made shocking viewing for a lot of people! I wrote about the same thing back in 2009, when VAT was only 15% and duty a mere £1.61 a bottle’t-everything/