Finca Flichman Reserva Malbec 2007

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Finca Flichman Malbec Reserve 07Wine: Finca Flichman Reserva Malbec 2007, Mendoza, Argentina

Style: red, full bodied, fruity & seductive

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Dinner party at yours, dinner party at theirs

New Romantics

Why you should be seen drinking this wine:Originally selected for being the perfect shade of plum to be seen with in your glass à la Cheryl Cole, but since she’s changed her hair back to milk chocolate brown it’s kind of irrelevant. With that aside this is one sexy wine, seductively more’ish, rich black cherry flavours fill the glass and the texture and finish is silky smooth. Crack it open with a chunky steak.

Miss B’s verdict: SWALLOW!!

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2 Responses to “Finca Flichman Reserva Malbec 2007”

  1. WineGifts4U says:

    I’d also recommend it with some braised lank shank – I’ve tried it and it’s delightful!

  2. WineGifts4U says:

    @WineGifts4U, obviously I mean lamB shank!