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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

flag (2) copyAs the world cup approaches I don’t seem to be able to escape football, Ferdinand and flags. The union jack is popping up in more London windows than there were election posters and white vans are already freckled with red crosses. Chez Miss Bouquet however I’m determined not to let football fever get in the way of a good glass of wine so I’m starting a little project which will raise a flag of a different kind; the wine flag. Red, white and rosé. Of course.

The idea is to gather a group of football widows during one of the first round England matches to taste through a selection of wines and find out what girls-about-London-town have a taste for this summer.

The date is confirmed and will be held on Friday 18th June for England v Algeria.

So what now? If you represent a winery, wine brand, and/or wine importer and you’d like to get some feedback on your wines from the ever desirable girl-about-town demographic then I’d love to hear from you. I’m looking for wines from around the world whether they’re from a World Cup participating country or not. Red, white and/or rosé. They will all be tasted and judged by a focus group of 28-33 year old ABC1 women and the favourite wine from each colour category will be selected to fly the World Wine Flag!

Why participate? This is your chance to gather some unique consumer research direct from the mouths of this all too mythical demographic. If you’re keen do something different and are looking for feedback on your new packaging, wine taste profile, or insight into whether you’ve got the right price vs quality balance then this could be a route for you. This is a chance for those that want to engage with consumers to actually do it rather than just talk about it! I will pose the questions you would like answered on your behalf and gather the responses. All you have to do is send the samples and the research criteria and I will do the rest. The winning wines that will be flying the World Wine Flag together with reasons why they out shone the rest will be posted on my new look website due to launch next month and for those that want it I will create a full break down of feedback from the women involved.

This is a chance to take social media to another level, straight from the computer screen to the living room. So if you’re looking for a unique insight on your wines from the new generation of wine buyers then please get in touch for details of how to send samples. Likewise if you’re not entirely convinced that this is nothing but a great way of having a cheap night in with the girls then please get in touch for a list of my credentials before you send samples.

Email me at, I look forward to hearing from you.


Miss Bouquet, forever flying the World Wine Flag

Tuesday 8th June 2010

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