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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

HangoverIntroducing Clarky:

With the festive season in full swing the question on the thinking girl’s lips is not so much its time to ditch my YSL’s for Moon boots, but what exactly is the best wine to drink on a hangover?

Granted the notion of hair of the dog is nothing new, but over the past weeks of Christmas parties and lunches I have discovered that certain wines can restore equilibrium to even the most partied out journo and binge drinker, such as myself. Traditionally I am something of a white wine drinker – red’s often leave me with a headache, and the cheaper ones a nasty stain on my teeth. But I have found Red Wine is something of a magic fix when it comes to the hairier of hangovers.

The morning after the night before is never pretty – particularly when you find a receipt for ten Jaeger-Bombs languishing in your over-used wallet. (Miss B readers, I’m sure you’re too sophisticated for that type of tipple but if you’re game its half a glass of Red Bull with a shot of Jaeger sunk in it for good luck!)

When you manage to drag yourself out of bed the next day your initial thought may be to opt for a Diet Coke at lunch time. This is never the answer. If you are a carnivore you will be well aware that beef is the hangover lunch of choice and pairing it with a rich full bodied red is quite simply a winning formula. (This week my salvation came in the form of a Masi Passo Doble recommended by Miss B – a wine produced in the same method as an Amarone from Italy, but a wallet-friendly Argentinean version)

Unfortunately red wine is not the one-size fits all cure to every hangover. As a rule of thumb I find if you have drunk a vat of champagne the night before a single glass of fizz restores equilibrium. While if you’ve got stuck into the Red you have my sympathy and if anyone can suggest a wine to cure the darkest days of the red wine hangover I will be forever in your debt.

With thanks to professional writer and very good friend of Miss B, Clarky.

Wednesday 23rd December 2009

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