Healthification vinified…..

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Atkins Farm ShirazThe healthification of alcohol consumption among millenials was personified last night at the Circle of Wine Writers Christmas party where there was a notable absence of next generation wine scribes on the one hand and a jolly time being had by all on the other. As one that missed the millennial nametag by a matter of months I flirted with a bit of both trends by drinking a few glasses in a short space of time before heading home for an early night.

The evening was sponsored by the Napa Valley Vintners who very generously contributed far more than a bucket of wine and probably a fair few $$$ to the hire of the venue so that wine hacks of varying influence could network and taste their way towards Christmas. I wonder if the evening had been sponsored by who encourages us to ‘think right – drink lite’ or the sugar free, low carb SlimLine Wine backed by Dragons Den James Caan whether the Gen-Z’ers would have come along.

Mr Bouquet is a generation straddler like me except he likes a drink and he likes to diet. Which is how this Atkins Farm Shiraz came about, a wine that doesn’t scrimp on the alcohol, or the flavour, it’s full bodied and lusciously fruity in fact the only thing it is lacking is a feel bad skinny silhouette on the label. It’s classy through and through and at £9.99 from Waitrose it’s worth saving your cash and your calories to enjoy.

Healthification vinified.

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