Ice wine…eye cream….

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Optimum-PhytoFreeze-Ice-Wine-Eye-Cream-15ml-710526Now our extension is pretty much finished Mr Bouquet and I are fully back into hosting mode. It was an odd few months of disarray and disruption as the luxury of choosing wine and then drinking it with family & friends took second place to a building site and other wine related activities like choosing a wine fridge and locating the box with the beautiful wine glasses in it.

And so to last Friday when the recent past and the new present collided in beautiful harmony when two very good friends came over for dinner, drank 6 bottles of wine between us and the blurry eyed state of things the next morning required the application of more than a dollop of ice wine eye cream (yes, this is a thing) and to mention it to you today because it’s now on offer at half price. Now isn’t that beautiful.

Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream 15ml, was £12.99 now £6.45. Stock up now for the party season!

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