Ice wine….

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Ice wineOn a balmy day in London like today wines like these don’t seem like such a silly idea after all…..

Launched 3 years ago Moët & Chandon’s Ice Imperial is back and now it’s in Selfridges. A blend created for a new champagne experience it’s designed to be served with ice to encourage consumers to be more casual with Champagne “… to create a different mood”. It’s a more concentrated blend that shouldn’t be drunk straight up.

Serving suggestion: Take 3 cubes of ice in a bowl shaped wine glass, a few mint leaves, fresh raspberries and some orange rind. Sit back and think of St Tropez. Selfridges, £54.99

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and JP Chenet’s Ice Edition is as good a copycat as any with the exception of the liquid in the bottle, of course. But the price is undeniably chilled, so what would you expect? Available at Asda for £9.99, I just found it online reduced to a cool £6.00. If you’re going to water wine down wine in any way, may as well make it the price!


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