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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

The sun is shining and my freckles are out so it can only mean one thing…. I’m not in the UK!! I’m on a short but well needed holiday in Portugal. It’s not all pleasure play I’m not far from Sir Cliff Richard’s winery and my curiosity couldn’t resist a pit stop, more on that later. For now though the sun is out, the fridge is stocked with rose and in the words of Sir Cliff “we’re all going on a summer holiday” so here are my top tips for drinking rose this summer, it’s better late than never:

Popularity of rosé wine has only recently started to stagnate; having achieved outrageous growth in the UK since the millennium it now represents around 13% of UK wine sales. So is everyone sick of rosé or in typical British fashion is its plateau something else we can blame on the lousy weather? Wine marketers and industry insiders will no doubt object to what I’m about to say but in my pledge for wine honesty here’s one for you. Rosé is for summer and anyone that tells you otherwise clearly has a hidden agenda (most likely in wine sales!)

My top tips for buying rosé: Rosé is not a wine for keeping. In a Beaujolais Nouveau sort of way rosé should be hunted down, purchased and drunk as young as possible (the wine, not you!). Always think about how long ago the grapes of the wine in front of you would have been harvested to determine how old it is and try where possible to drink within 12-18 months from that date. For example, take a French and a Chilean rosé both 2011 vintage and bought from a shop today. Which would be younger? The correct answer is the French one because it’s grapes will have been harvested in the northern hemisphere’s autumn so September/ October last year. The Chilean one will have been picked in March last year giving it 6 months extra age in the bottle which is serious crows feet in rosé terms! Read the full post on rosé vs the rest here.

Two pink ladies for your summer lovin’:

Cuvée Aix Rosé 2011, Côteaux d’Aix-en-Provence has aromas of summer-camp marsh mellows, refreshing yellow grapefruit and ripe Italian lemon characters on the palate. Chilled well and served in a magnum this is the perfect way to style it out wine-wise at summer BBQ’s and parties! £19.99 for a magum from Majestic.

Château d’Ollieres 2011, Côteaux Varois du Provence £9.50 from Vagabond Wines has the fruitiness of a raspberry and the freshness of a pink grapefruit, a true pink lady. Drink with crab starters, prawn cocktail or vegetarian dishes. Read the full post on The Pink Ladies here.

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One Response to “In the pink…..”

  1. Andrew says:

    There is still a ‘thing’ about blokes drinking rose. I dont mind myself but friends look on with raised eyebrows. Adding bubbles makes it worse!