International Chardonnay Day….

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Hardys Chard DayIt’s International Chardonnay Day
Where would I be without Chardonnay
My life, it’s true, would be quite a mess
Though one thing is sure I’d be drinking much less

We first met in London at a posh wine event
At the time I didn’t know what Chardonnay meant
We’ve grown up so much since that very first sip
You have much less oak and a lot more zip

You’re my friend for happy and for sad
You help me see clearer when I’m feeling mad
You’re the perfect partner for so many dishes
You’ve blown the myth white goes only with fishes

You’re a relief to my wallet when times are hard
And you’re one for celebrations to splash out on card
You come from all over, from warm and cold climes
You’ve changed, you’ve evolved, goodbye ABC times

Come learn a few things about the Queen of grapes
At the 1853 Club Hardys open the gates
On the 23rd and the 24th of May
Pop along to The White Space to say g’day!

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