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Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

610Introducing wine boffin and all round angel…. Halo:

I spent New Years Eve with five of my oldest and dearest school friends. Well, who better to wave a spirited goodbye to 2009 with? Who better to offer a tipsy welcome to 2010 with and poke a sozzled stick in the eye of January’s smug guilt–tripping mug? Not so, three were pregnant and two were breastfeeding, very bad form indeed! And so it fell to me (and the boys) to raise a glass of something good ‘for the sake of Auld Lang Syne’ (it means ‘Days Gone By’ – hmm, how very appropriate).

Two glasses of Villa Maria Reserve Sauvignon Blanc to start, my runaway favourite of the popular New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, zippy and citrusy – job’s a good ‘un. Then a concentrated very berry smoothie of a red with the Maycas de Limarí Syrah from Chile. Something utterly forgettable from Rioja followed, and finally, Sainsbury’s Limited Release Dão from Portugal – yum. It’s made from the same grapes that go into Port and has lots of that same fruitcake-mix character – a textbook winter warmer, which continues to prove a good companion of mine and my hearty January casseroles.

As the midnight hour approached it was time to get busy with the fizzy. First up, some Taittinger Champagne – lots of Chardonnay in this, which makes it lovely and soft, a class act. Then came the Heidsieck Monopole Champagne, which I had got half price in Tesco’s – it did the job, just. However, my understudy fizz of Spain’s Codorníu Pinot Noir (pictured) completely outperformed its role – fresh redcurrant fruit, delicate FT pink in colour and a high BPM. BPM? Bubbles per minute – I kid you not, it is actually someone’s job in Champagne to film these tinkers and count them on Slow Mo (and you thought your job was repetitive). The smaller and more frequent the bubble, the better it feels in the mouth and therefore the better quality it is. If you haven’t got your video recorder on you, then a cursory glance at your glass will tell you whether you’re more Coca-Cola than Cristal. In many a swanky place, they’ll put a little scratch in the bottom of the flute glass, which is the equivalent of giving catnip to bubbles, the little fellas launch themselves off it double-time, providing an elegant stream of bubbles running up the centre of your glass. It may sound a sure way to get away with a serving a cheaper bottle of bubbles to those not-in-the-know but I urge you to think this through carefully before taking your Stanley knife to the Waterford Crystal!!

I’d like to wish all the friends of MissBouquet.com every success for 2010. May yours be filled with stylish and delicious wines.

With thanks to Halo for enthusiastically offering to be Miss January for missbouquet.com (not easy in a month full of detoxing and angelic virtues)

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