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Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

If Mondial Wine Direct was a music app it’d be the Italian wine version of spotify: an overwhelmingly comprehensive database of every Italian wine style you could ever desire. From classic oldies like Barolo to the crowd pleasing likeability of Barbara d’Alba. They have an Italian wine for every mood, food group and time of day. And they have offered 20% off all wines until the end of the month. Bellisimo!

Don’t know where to start? Here are our top wines to look out for:

Barbera d'AlbaBatasiolo Barbera D’alba Sovrana 2011, Piedmonte
£12.96 (£10.37 with your Miss Bouquet discount)
That’s Bar-bear-rah, not Barbara, and it’s a beginning of the week wine, a treat on a Monday that will double your money if left open until Tuesday because it’s a mellower. A wine that mellows with time and tastes even better the next day. It’s earthy, oaky and a bit horsey but don’t let that put you off because with all disregard for nature it’s like a cherry tree that blossoms, blooms and fruits over night. By Tuesday it’s all cherries and freshness. #TastyTuesday.

BaroloDamilano Barolo ‘Lecinquevigne’ 2002, Piedmonte
£20.28 (£16.22 with your Miss Bouquet discount – OMG, that’s good!)
It’s one of the iconic wine names you hear but assume you can’t afford. It’s not a Monday wine or a Tuesday wine but it is jolly good value for a Barolo. It’s twelve years old so it’s not fresh as a rose red in colour, more brick orange which is what you’d expect. It’s got a similar nod to the savoury side as the Barbera above which makes us think it would go well with a Sunday roast: think gravy, meat juices, red currant jelly, prunes and figs. The tannins grip in a teasingly moreish way! Lecinquevigne, it turns out, is a fancy way to tell us that the Nebbiolo grapes the wine is made from came from five different vineyards. So there you go.

To apply 20% discount to your order just enter ‘PREMIUM-READER’ at the checkout. Offer valid until 16th November.


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