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Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

My Wine Friend Screen Shots

I’m a huge fan of Stylist magazine, and used to love the Lucy Mangan Out Spoken columns. I think we have some things in common, like her dismay at other people’s reaction to her not taking her husband’s name. As I prepare for my own wedding, I’m experiencing the same looks of bemusement and pity (the first at me, the later at him). But one rip-out-and-keep column has long stuck in my mind; she addressed her dislike of people who proudly proclaim their ignorance of certain things. “Why be proud of your lack of knowledge about anything!” she exclaimed. As a wine professional, I’m always amazed at how excited people get when they hear I work in the wine trade but you’d be surprised how often their enthusiasm is followed by a confession of how little they know about the subject!

Let’s get real for a minute; wine isn’t a trade I ever had on my list as a little girl. Vet, nurse, ballerina… wine taster….? I think of it more as a trade I was made for. Some people just are, aren’t they? Nurses are instinctively caring; artists have a built-in creative flare. As for me, I was born with a nose on the wrong side of dainty, but that happens to be the perfect shape for stuffing in a wine glass and absorbing the bouquet! So there you go.

But like most things, wine isn’t something you inherently know about. After all you’re not supposed to have tried it for the first 18 years of your life! No, it’s something I’ve had to learn about, read up on and study. As you know I’ve taken all my wine exams and I’ve worked in the wine trade since I graduated 10 years ago. And now I’m completely drenched in wine, so to speak! I spend my days and evenings talking about it, at work, at play, online and in person. It’s my profession, my hobby and my passion. And whenever I talk to people about it, more often than not I find out that it’s not just me. It’s a subject loads of you enjoy, but it seems many of you don’t have the confidence in it that you’d like.

Enter My Wine Friend!!

My Wine Friend is a wine app I’ve created for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch that I hope will help uncover the underlying passion I think so many of you have about wine. I’d love you to consider what wine you drink with as much thought as you would give to the dish you chose to eat in a restaurant or the clothes you put on in the morning. It’s an app that will help you become your own wine expert! If you enjoy wine but find it hard to get to grips with what you like, remember what you’ve enjoyed or confess ‘I’m no wine expert’ when faced with a wine list then you’re exactly who I hope My Wine Friend will help.

My Wine Friend will help you get to know your own wine tastes and become more wine confident without having to join a wine club, enrol on a wine tasting course or read a wine magazine! You simply photograph, take note of and rate the wines you’ve been drinking and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you will get to grips with your own wine world. If you’re feeling lost in the wine isle and need some wine inspiration refer to My Wine Friend to view your own wine recommendations, it will help you remember the wines and wine styles you’ve recently been enjoying and give you confidence in your next wine purchase.

And My Wine Friend doesn’t stop there; you can share your loved and loathed wines with other My Wine Friend users by liking the Miss Bouquet Facebook page and telling others about your top wines whilst also getting tips from others on more must-try wines.

Not a lot of people know this:

To get the most out of My Wine Friend on your iPhone make sure you don’t have too many apps open at once. If you do then My Wine Friend may send you a pop up message telling you to close some of the apps you have running. To completely close your apps just do the following;

1. Double click the round button at the bottom of your handset
2. The apps you have open will pop up in a row along the bottom of your screen
3. Hold one icon down until the minus sign appears and the app icons start to jiggle around
4. Close the apps you don’t need open

Not only will this relieve a load of virtual memory space and make My Wine Friend run without interruption but your iPhone should now generally function faster and more smoothly!

Your enjoyment of My Wine Friend is my top priority. If you experience any problem at all with My Wine Friend or are not completely satisfied with your purchase please contact me directly at

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