New Year Wine Resolutions…

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Happy New YearIt’s January, your Christmas tree’s had it and let’s face it so have you. The party season has taken its toll and you’re ready to continue the traditions of the season and write your new year’s resolution list. This year I’ve taken a more than an average interest in my friend’s lists and now they’ll know why. Here are their top 5:

* lose weight
* get fit
* pay off credit cards
* drink less wine….. (eek)
* get married (double eek!)

If you’ve put ‘drink less wine’ on your list don’t write it off as another resolution lost just yet as drinking less wine is the wine trend for 2010. Follow my three step guide and you’ll see you can drink less, still have fun and feel good about keeping to at least one of your NY resolutions!

* All good things come in small packages: This is a really easy mantra to keep to. Always order a small glass rather than a large one. Typically a small glass is 175ml whereas a large one is 250ml (that’s a third of a bottle and don’t even ask about the calories!) These mini measures are the perfect way to taste a variety of different wines with less impact on your waistline and your wallet!

* Step out of your wine comfort zone: It will seem uneasy at first but with a bit of time it may end up suiting you more than you think. Forget Pinot Grigio, and discounted bottles of supermarket champagne. 2010 is the year that chardonnay will make a comeback and sparkling wine will become the new bubbles of choice.

* A little extra goes a long way: what would you normally spend on a bottle of wine? Be honest, I won’t tell anyone. £5.00, maybe £6.00? Up to £10 if someone special’s coming round. If we’re to believe everything we read in the press then the average retail price of a bottle of wine is £4.30. Once all the duty, VAT, and the supermarkets greedy margin has been taken out you can expect the liquid you actually put in your body to be worth about 30p! Crazy. That’s cheaper than an apple!

I don’t mean this to put you off buying wine, au contraire, I’m hoping it will help you to buy better. You see if you spend just one extra £ on a bottle of wine almost all of it will go towards the quality of the liquid in the bottle and therefore the wine you put in your body! Simple.

Miss Bouquet’s top tip:
Prosecco is the perfect combination of drinking mini measures and keeping to a budget. It’s often dramatically cheaper than Champagne and is served in flutes that typically hold only 130ml. Try Ombra Prosecco (£9.99 from Oddbins) it’s light, appley, sparkly and refreshing, and only 11% abv. How’s that for a wine to sooth the mind, body and…….. pocket!

This blog has been published in the January 2010 issue of The Notebook, Kensington & Chelsea

Cupcake photography courtesy of Clarky.

Saturday 2nd January 2010

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One Response to “New Year Wine Resolutions…”

  1. Rob says:

    Miss B,

    I was reading what you had to say about prosecco being such a ‘now’ drink. I am a huge fan of this drink and would really like some pointers on how to get the best independent proseccos. I’m guilty of picking supermarket own and whilst I enjoy these I’m sure that there must be some classics out there waiting to be tried.

    Thanks for the tips!

    Rob W