Postcard from Thailand…..

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Sawadee kaa from tropical Thailand!

It’s been nearly eight years since I was last here and I’m delighted to see that few things have changed, it’s just as beautiful as I remember. The food, the weather, the spas… yep I’ve been able to completely relax, even the excessive sweating that comes with the heat has replaced the need for regular exercise!
Unfortunately there isn’t much to report on the quality of Thai wine, it hasn’t really improved since 2002 and I imagine the wide availability of dubiously expensive plonk from four of the big guys (Oz, South Africa, Chile & California) leaves little incentive for Thai wineries to bother trying. As you can imagine though it’s been tough not to give in to my natural born thirst, luckily however Thailand offers enough wonderful distractions to starve off even them most desperate cravings… So, may I introduce you to the Caipirinha:

* take a glass of ice
* a healthy glug of dark rum
* freshly squeezed chunks of lime (minimum one whole lime)
* and a shake or two of brown sugar

Caipirinha + sunset in Ko Lanta = holiday heaven

Better go, dinner’s just arrived – tom yum prawn soup and pad see ew chicken noodles.

Wish you were here.

Miss B x x

NB: this postie was delayed in cyber-post, my feet are now firmly back on London soil and I’m ready to rock & roll 🙂

4th October, 2009

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