resumeI have a confession to make. I love wine. Shhh don’t tell anyone. Whatever you do don’t tell the anti alcohol lobbies or the health scare mob, come to think of it don’t tell my brother either, I can’t bear to see another frown.

Yes, I love everything about wine. I love smelling it, I love tasting it, I love swilling it around in my glass and admiring the colours in it, I LOVE drinking it, I love sharing it and I love the experience of buying it. So when I decided to make a wine month journal in June I was surprised at just how few of the wines I’d drunk that I could remember (and it wasn’t always because I’d drunk too much of it!)

It’s weird, when I consider the endless list of things I talk to my friends about; clothes, food, restaurants, films, bars, keeping fit, men etc etc etc, I’ve noticed one thing is missing. Wine. We never talk about wine, and certainly not in the detail that we would about clothes or about food. And yet drinking wine plays as major role in our lives now as any of the list above. So how come? Is it something that we think is reserved for middle class, middle aged men? Is it because it’s boring? Or is it because we already know everything we need to know: there are 4 types of wine, red, white, rosé and sparkling.

Non, I think not.

When it comes to it I must admit that I’m not your average wine consumer. I read about wine, I’ve taken my wine exams (yes they do exist and they’re surprisingly tough!) and I’ve worked in the wine trade since I graduated 8 years ago, I was even born with a wine taster’s nose, the perfect shape for stuffing in a glass and absorbing the Bouquet. But I’m forever amazed at the number of people I meet that want to talk to me about wine when they hear that I work with it. So why is it normally such a silent subject? I’m on a mission to uncover the underlying passion I think so many of you have which is to talk and understand more about wine because remember…. you are what you drink!