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Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Lowburn Ferry Pinot Noir layeredLast week’s Sunday Times Style supplement was dripping in intriguing features on the über rich. Assuming their money could be used to buy some of the world’s finest wines, I wondered what this super-class would pull from the wine rack for a Monday night in on the sofa. With jealousy to one side surely even the keenest of winos with the rosiest of noses couldn’t stomach Burgundy 1er Cru and First Growth Bordeaux every night?

After some consideration I would like to think they might crack the screwcap on something like Lowburn Ferry’s Home Block Pinot Noir 2012 from Central Otago in New Zealand. As a region it’s grown to world renown status for excellent Pinot Noir at a rate of knots that’d make a burgundian blush! And boutique producers like Lowburn Ferry demonstrate how this has been done with ease.

One of several Pinot Noirs from their stable, their Home Block 2012 is Gold Medal winning and stand-out. It’s fresh and crunchy, lively and spicy, it has layers that reveal themselves delicately, sip after sip: black berries, liquorice, vanilla, with an underlying umami sort of earthiness and delicate smokiness often found on some of France’s finest competition at three times the price. This one is £33.00 to be precise and while I may be rich in wine and not in gold, and £33.00 is with all things considered a lot for a bottle of wine, believe me, for world class Pinot Noir… that’s a relative bargain.

Lowburn Ferry’s Home Block Pinot Noir 2012 from Central Otago, New Zealand is available from: Cambridge Wine Merchants

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