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Gin baubles….

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Pickerings Gin baublesThanks to the raw disappointment expressed by my 4 year old last Christmas, when stockist issues meant Santa delivered the wrong hot wheels track, I have vowed (along with Santa) that Christmas will indeed start earlier this year and We. Will. Be. Organised.

So it is with no apologies that I post my first shout out for Christmas drinks ideas on the 4th of October because to get your hands on these little gems you’re going to have to be quick: Pickerings Gin baubles are back and they’re on sale now.

You’re welcome.

(ps: seriously, be quick, they sold out in 82 seconds last year….)

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G&T (Gin & Tennis)…..

Monday, July 1st, 2013

News that British Gin distillers are facing a production crisis after a new fungus was found destroying Scottish Juniper trees has left me shaking like ice cubes in my G&T glass. A British institution, the G&T is a ritual for some, a right of passage for others but always, always a sophisticated aperitif.

Come rain or shine Gin is unique in the fact it can be drunk all year round and it’s a safe bet when faced with a selection of dodgy looking quarter bottles in economy class or at the theatre. It is similarly unusual in the way that ‘Rowan berries, heather, bog myrtle, dandelion and coul blush apple’ is a truthful list of infused ingredients not an imaginative list of descriptions for a wine. ………

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There’s a reason why they call it a G&T….

Friday, September 4th, 2009

champagne tray_large… but unfortunately someone forgot to tell the barman.

G is for Gin, T is for tonic, a G&T minus the T = hangover central and Friday morning write-off. The dyslexic barman in question could be found at the free bar last night at The Rough Luxe hotel in Kings Cross, hanging out with the cool kids ( The cool kid that took me along was fellow girl about town and long time pal Clarky. As a celebrated journalist she’s always invited to the best parties and last night I was selected to be on her arm. Naturally we arrived a bit early for a catch up over a glass or two and found a homely little pub round the corner called The Fellow (; wooden floors, walls and furniture with sultry lighting, it was the perfect moody setting for the autumn evening that it turned out to be. ………

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