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Taste of everywhere….

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Sancerre origine domaine roblinsA recent trip to Bordeaux with a group of talented sommeliers opened my eyes to a mysterious side of the wine world not often seen by the public. Three days with these energetic, eclectic, enthusiastic and intelligent wine bods firmly put my impression of a sommelier as the ultimate wine snob to bed. Our little French fling was to our mutual benefit, I learnt from them as much as they ate the foie gras from my pregnant lady plate (that’s a lot).

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If you only buy one wine this week….

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

The New Zealand CellarA non-wine-trade friend of mine is taking her WSET certificate for fun and asked me why she ‘s being taught wine country-by-country instead of grape-by-grape. “People I know are just as likely to select a wine by grape as they are by region” she said. Good point.

Although arranging wines in this way in supermarkets hasn’t been successful I love the fact that her freedom from the trade has allowed her to think outside of the wine norm and she’s definitely onto something. Could thinking of wine in this way help broaden our wine drinking horizons so that Argentina becomes known for more than just Malbec and Spain for more than Tempranillo? ………

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Be Savvy this Friday….!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Friday this week is officially Sauvignon Blanc day. Who knew?! As if we needed another excuse to open some decent and refreshing wine on a Friday! Here are my top picks from the latest releases from the Cooperative Food so you can be super Savvy this weekend…. ………

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Judge a wine by its cover. It will not make you shallow….

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Last night I caught the end of Britain’s Got Talent. Don’t judge me…. I just caught the bit after The Voice on BBC1 had finished. Please don’t judge me…! I’m not into reality TV shows at all (with the exception of Master Chef of course!) but last night was different.

In case you didn’t see it, The Voice is the musical equivalent of a blind wine tasting. The judges get to hear the singers and musicians without seeing them. Just like a wine taster uses their nose and taste buds to pass judgement on a wine, Tom Jones and les autres use their ears. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be staying in next Saturday to catch the second episode but I do like the twist that The Voice is bringing to people that have the guts to put themselves out there without their looks, weight or choice of clothes messing things up for them.

This point was made more pertinent when I switched to BGT to find a young brunette standing with a 17 year old incarnation of Hurley from Lost both quivering at the “fat guy + pretty girl does not = profit” scowls from Simon Cowell. This followed by a Susan Boyle moment as ‘Hurley’ opened his mouth to reveal a stunning voice à la Paverotti. Cue jaw drops from the crowd and a standing ovation from the Judges. It was the outcome everybody was yearning for but that the audience (myself included) were still shocked to witness. Hide it as we may think we do, there is a little bit of Simon Cowell in all of us.

In the world of wine there isn’t an equivalent to Simon or Tom Jones for that matter. ………

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WWW. (Wonderful Wedding Wine)….

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Essenze Waipara Pinot GrisThe last time there was a Royal wedding I was two. My parents and all the neighbours held a full on street party, the kind you were allowed to throw in those days without sending off for a pack on health and safety guidelines or gain permission from the council to have a good time. Twenty-nine years on and I’m not only old enough to throw my own street party but I find myself recently engaged and planning a wedding of my own.

It’s all been a bit over whelming so far. Having never really indulged in the dream of a big wedding Mr B was a bit shocked when I said ‘yes’ and then failed to produce a wedding scrap book containing images of our perfect day. In hindsight a bit of time spent thinking about the sort of wedding I’d like wouldn’t have been time misspent as without it every decision so far has been filled with doubt. The venue, the stationary, the dress, the photographer. Each decision has come with an equal dose of sleepless nights and compromise. ………

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Lindauer Brut Cuvée

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

lindauer_brut cuveeWine: Lindauer Brut Cuvée, New Zealand

Style: Sparkling

Outlet: Sainsbury’s, Majestic

Price: £8.38, £9.99 respectively

Occasion: Night in, Party wine

Trend: Utility wine ………

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