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A traditional Christmas? That’s so last year….

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Saint Clair_Marlborough_Pinot NoirIf there’s one good thing to come out of the credit crunch it’s the opportunity for us to rethink what we do and the way we do it. This is great news if you’re adventurous by nature, but it may be a bit daunting if you’re a pure bred traditionalist.

When it comes to wine for festive entertaining it’s no different. It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut, weighed down by the security of the tried and tested and under the cosy blanket of tradition. For example, Pinot Noir is widely considered to be the perfect red for a standard British Christmas dinner, and if you’re über traditional then you’ll choose one from Burgundy, the home of Pinot Noir. But if you’re ready to listen to your adventurous side there are loads of great alternatives out there to help you spread your wine wings this Christmas and which, importantly, are 100% credit crunch compliant.

Popolino Rosso 2008 from Sicily is a perfect example at £4.95 from Marks & Spencer. This is the best under £5.00 red wine that I’ve come across in a long time, it’s lovely and light, fruity and aromatic with spiced plums, blackberry fruit and a sweet smokiness on the finish. ………

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There’s wine lovers and there’s wine lovers….

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

italian-wineAlmo popped over last night for a catch up, we met in Paris 10 years ago. She’s seen me through my growing passion for wine and supported me through my hours of study for my wine exams so there was no surprise that she came armed with the obligatory entry fee into my flat. She was a little late, something that comes natural to Almo, in fact I’m so used to it that when she’s on time it fills me with dread that something must be wrong. One reason for her late arrival, she explained was because she didn’t know what bottle to buy “I’ve got to get something she can include in her blog” was her concern.

Almo has long been a fan of Italian wine, I on the other hand inexplicably lack the Italian wine bug and this clash in tastes has bought a tense moment to the table on more than one occasion. I can’t explain it, every time I’ve visited Italy I’ve had a lovely time but when it comes to their wines I just can’t connect (Prossecco Monday’s excluded of course). Montepulciano is indisputably Almo’s favourite, medium bodied, fruity and dry. “Just how you like your men!” I joked. One look at her face, ha, I’d hit gold, turns out a former Italian lover had been key in Almo’s wine discovery, now that’s more than a connection if you ask me! ………

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