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Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Sancerre origine domaine roblinsA recent trip to Bordeaux with a group of talented sommeliers opened my eyes to a mysterious side of the wine world not often seen by the public. Three days with these energetic, eclectic, enthusiastic and intelligent wine bods firmly put my impression of a sommelier as the ultimate wine snob to bed. Our little French fling was to our mutual benefit, I learnt from them as much as they ate the foie gras from my pregnant lady plate (that’s a lot).

The nationalities of the group were as varied as the vineyards we visited proving the term the world of wine never to be more apt. It was surprising though how many had never visited Bordeaux, the French capital of the wine trade in many people’s eyes. How could they learn the tricks of their trade without the air miles under their belt to prove it? Books, yes. Wine exams, yes. The internet, yes. But more than that I realised. Here the wine world comes to us, we have access to every style of wine from every corner of the globe we could ever hope to or ever need to taste and its often thanks to patriotic start ups settling on our shores dedicated to bringing us the best of their countries’ produce.

Take Sip & Learn, set up by two London based French friends and The New Zealand Cellar set up by native NZ’er Melanie Brown to mention only two. Now Your Sommelier can be added to the list, a London based wine website run by two French wine enthusiasts who source French wines directly from the vineyards to bring you weekly offers at the best prices.

This weeks sale which starts today features a cheeky little Sancerre at a not to be missed price proving that the new wave sommelier is as knowledgable as they are business savvy serving this one up to us at a very drinkable £12.90. It’s as fresh as the break of dawn on a summers morning, crisp and dry with a soft apricot character that takes the edges off what can sometimes make Sancerre a Sauvignon Blanc tolerable by only the toughest of palates. But don’t take my word for it, head down to Taste of London and experience it for yourself. Your Sommelier will be serving up samples of their Sancerre Origine 2013, Domaine Roblins, their Le Caprice de Clementine Rosé 2014, Côtes de Provence and Côtes du Rhône Rouge “Terre de Fruits” 2013, Dauvergne Ranvier amongst others. Just cross your fingers for good weather, we may have the fruits of sunnier climes at our finger tips but the luxury of their weather… not so much.

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