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Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Miss Harry_close upNow were into April and London is blossoming around us our friends in the southern hemisphere are welcoming autumn, finishing their grape harvest and working hard to make their 2010 vintage wines. Generally regarded as ‘new world wines’ those made in the southern hemisphere are often from countries with a comparatively short wine making history when compared to their European counterparts. One of the benefits of this is that they are in the envied position of being able to make wine in a style to suit them rather than one which is governed by the laws of the area. For you this means that trying new world wines can often be more exciting than old world ones as you can truly experience the winemaker’s craft.

Made up of the big 5: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and Argentina, new world wine is considered by some wine traditionalists to be of inferior quality to their northern hemisphere neighbours, but if you ask me these countries are producing anything but one-wine-fits-all. Take Hewitson Wines for example, a South Australia based winery dedicated to producing expressive wines from the Adelaide Super zone. Not only are their wines outrageously good, they also have catchy names to help you remember your favourites.

Miss Harry 2007 is an awesome wine and not only for the uncanny resemblance the label has to my own fair hand! It is made from a blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre, grapes traditionally found in the Rhone valley in France and is packed full of ripe black fruit flavours and elegant creamy vanilla spiceness. Its extraordinary depth of flavour is thanks to the patience of chief wine maker Dean Hewitson who has aged the wine for 15 months in old French barriques before bottling.

Miss Harry is £12.30 per bottle and available online from the very aptly named

Miss Bouquet’s top tip:
New world wines will often give you a better quality wine for your buck than those from the old world so it’s worth parting with an extra couple of pounds to reap the rewards.

This article has been published in the April 2010 issue of The Notebook, Kensington & Chelsea

Saturday 3rd April 2010

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