The original #wineday….

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
beaujolais VillagesHeadlines take many different forms in the drinks trade; there are the attention grabbers “strap on booze baby seeks funding,” the David & Goliath tales of “Champagne Jayne” and the softer, sweeter entrepreneur success stories of the likes of The New Zealand Cellar but the ones that catch my attention the most centre around the wine trade’s ability to shoot itself in the foot.
Take Beaujolais for example. Once the envy of wine regions around the world for its Beaujolais Nouveau marketing masterpiece it is now the underdog of the trade, fallen out of favour with the wine drinking fraternities the mere mention of it’s sorry existence is whispered these days with a pitying tone.

And yet Beaujolais Nouveau day was the original ‘wine day’, way before Twitter and it’s hashtags existed. It set the prescient for the 21st century versions like #SauvBlanc day, #ChardonnayDay, #MalbecWorldDay, #LDNWineWeek and all the others… What gets me is that if the oldies stopped droning on with their Beaujolais prejudism the regions’ wines could be booming in popularity among younger wine drinkers right now looking for a light, affordable red wine to ease them into the joys of les vins rouge. No nouveau needed.
And there is nothing nouveau about this Morrisons’ M Signature Beaujolais Villages except for the price which is a headline grabbing £6.49. It is lip-smackingly fresh, fruity and moreish, an alcoholic spiced black cherry cordial of a wine, perfect for this fabulous spring weather.
With this sort of easy going red everyday is #wineday.
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