The unpronouncables – the first in a series…..

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Last week Brother Bouquet and I went to the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern. As a celebrated artist himself I was hopeful his artistic eye would help my understanding of the preeminent shark in formaldehyde as art.

As we strolled around the increasingly bizarre pieces with our chins on the floor, the severed head of a cow complete with live black flies feeding off the carcass, it became clear that interpreting concepts from installation to words was simply not going to happen.

At the Laithwaites tasting the other day I was left equally speechless by a wine that was impossible to put into words but was without question all the more tasteful. It’s jump out of the glass and smack you in the face yellow fruit bomb aromas, roses in full bloom and mango and melon flavours made it by far the most impactful wine in the room.

Weingut Stift Gottweig ‘Kaiserstieger’ Gruner Veltliner Reserve 2010. Or to you and I: Sht-ift Got-weeg Kay-zer-stee-ger Groo-ner Velt-lean-er Reserve 2010. From Austria. Arguably as intense, and the result of just as many elements and influences, this wine is as subjective as Hirst’s art, the success of which both boils down to a matter of good taste (oh and affordability, £17.99 a bottle, fine wine has never been more affordable).

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