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Friday, August 5th, 2016

The WinefathersIf there’s one good thing to take from Brexit it’s a renewed feeling of aspiration for all things European, a shift in perception and enjoyment of some of our mainland imports that we may have taken for granted: olive oil, croissants, manchego, spaghetti bolognese, wine…

This feeling of refreshed appreciation for our neighbours’ influences on our everyday lives is unlikely to fade any time soon and companies that can embrace it should do very well indeed. The Winefathers for example couldn’t have cropped up at a better time. A community style set up they are a cross between crowd funding, online dating and a wine appreciation course. They bring small Italian wineries together to build a wine family, of which you can become a member. Depending on your interests and disposable income you can support a project like Marco Cecchini’s where a landslide destroyed 300 of his prized vines and in return for your help you can taste his wines, travel to his vineyards and eat dinner that Marco has personally prepared for you.

Interestingly their model is perfect for backing from the Remain camp: become a member and you will reap the benefits of the investment that you sow and be part of a like minded community. On the other hand it’s also a winning formula for the Leave camp in the shape of an initiative that helps to preserve individuality and traditions. Where it neatly pulls both views together and is, therefore, only set to thrive is in its raison d’être: to create a new experience of life and vineyards. Which in a time of uncertainty can only be a good thing.

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