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Friday, February 7th, 2014

When people say they like Pinot, it’s unlikely they mean Pinotage, more likely Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio. That’s not to say that Pinotage doesn’t have its followers: this indigenous grape is loved by a loyal set of patriotic South Africans but to the rest of us it remains a crowd divider. For me I’d only found one worth recommending to you to try, until now.

Pinotage is disliked by many for its tar and burnt rubber pong likened to a new road being surfaced. Tough love, maybe, but I’ve found something different, a game changing red that takes Pinotage to another level. Now for the science bit: put aside its almost childish name for a minute and listen to how Chocoholic has been made:

The grapes have been partially dried in an age-old practice best known in Valpolicella in Italy, a process that’s responsible for producing Amarone, Recioto and Ripasso styles of wines. 20% of the cuvee, which represents the most concentrated, richly flavoured juice, is created by twisting the grape stalks to induce a raisening of the fruit whilst it remains on the vine.

Translated this means a backbreaking amount of effort has been taken to bring to life this sometimes questionable grape. And the result is a glass of velvety, lightly spiced, milk chocolate coated black cherry goodness that is hard to put down. Worried about a cliché induced Valentine’s Day of pink champagne, chocolates and red roses? Chocoholic is very almost your three-in-one cliché busting romance in a bottle!

Try it with mild curries, red meat and chocolate based desserts.
RRP £11.00, Harvey Nichols

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