Vinalogy, wine basics with a twist….

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

vinalogy“If Miss Bouquet were a wine she’d be a Côte-Rotie. A delicious blend of two very different grapes, she exudes the complexity and grace of the finest Syrah softened up around the edges by a splash of golden, curvaceous Viognier. The blonde and the brunette. Perfume and silk. Delicious.”

This was the diagnosis given to me by the lovely Winebird at her book launch earlier this month. A little abstract perhaps but flattering nonetheless! Or perhaps it’s time to get the highlights done….!

Helena Nicklin is Winebird; author and rising star of the youtube wine world. As the last in a trilogy of wine publications I’ve introduced you to in as many months Helena’s book brings some of my favourite things together and pops them all in the same place: wine, words, double entendres and imagination.

Vinalogy: wine basics with a twist paints memorable pictures for the wine beginner to help you get to know the characteristics of the world’s most famous grape varieties and to start you on your wine journey. In the book Cabernet Sauvignon becomes a professional rugby player, Viognier a sun goddess and my favourite introduces Chardonnay as the ‘Kate’ of wine grapes. Although you can buy the book in a beautifully printed handbag size format you must also sneak a peek at her youtube channel where you can meet Kate the grape and Pinotage the rock star of reds.

Whether you prefer to flick through in printed format or share her hilarious video-vinalogies online it will be time well spent: in the language of liquid the pictures she paints are anything but dry.

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