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Friday, April 11th, 2014

It’s nearly three years since I launched My Wine Friend app for the iPhone and sales are still going strong, even Women & Home magazine picked up on it and wrote this little piece on what it’s all about (cue cringeworthy pic… !)

During those three years loads of wine apps have been released. One of my favourites is wotwine, a nifty little wine bottle barcode scanner that gives you independent reviews on a wine you might be thinking of buying there and then while you’re in the wine aisle. Which is just what you need if you’re not sure which bottle to get or which will go with what you’re cooking for dinner, or whether the liquid in the bottle is worth the price tag on the shelf. You see, pretty nifty.

Depending on how you look at it the guys that put it together have the enviable/unenviable job of tasting thousands of wines from the country’s nine big supermarkets then rating them by what they would pay for the bottle so you can compare the price you’re about to pay against what someone that’s tried it thinks it’s worth.

The database of wines needs increasing, which they’re working on, and you have to wonder with the sheer number of wines in our supermarkets today how they will ever be able to keep up with what’s in store but they’re going to give it a good go. Plus wotwine is free to download so you’ve got nothing to loose!

Come to think of it wotwine and My Wine Friend are a pretty good match themselves, once you’ve tried the wine that wotwine has helped you chose you can type up what you thought of it in My Wine Friend. Now that’s what I call an ‘appy ending!

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