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Monday, April 5th, 2010

717Introducing Petit Willow, she knows a thing or two about dating and vino!

Bonjour Spring!

There’s nothing like Spring to get you in the mood; considered the season of procreation and of course warmer weather it’s the perfect time for singletons everywhere to start fishing the dating pool with renewed energy!

Dating etiquette itself should come easily to people with good manners. Don’t swear. Don’t get too drunk and lose control of your bladder…… Choose a comfortable place to meet but don’t over analyze where to go. How long do you spend choosing the ‘venue’? Too long I expect. And how long do you spend looking at the wine list? Not long enough? I thought as much.

If you’re thinking about dusting off your dancing shoes and editing your online profile and are determined to find some fool-proof ways of making this dating season more successful then why not take some time to refresh your wine-etiquette.

Now I am no Miss B but I do like a tipple or two (or three if I’m being honest) and as someone that enjoyed playing the dating game before I met my “more rugged half” I thought I’d share my top tips for wooing with wine on screen for you here:

Spend time picking wine. Remember this mantra. Don’t feel rushed by the waiting staff to make a bad decision. Last Thursday my “nasty hospital experience” was salvaged by Carluccio’s café and a cool glass of Pecorino ‘Golden Fleece’. It was neither recommended nor the most expensive. It was well worth a couple of extra minutes reading the small print for though.

Don’t make the mistake of opting for the most expensive. This will make you look inexperienced and flash, you can impress your date more by asking the waiter a couple of simple questions before making a considered decision.

Don’t develop “the sheep mentality”. I remember given this advice by my driving instructor aged 17 but the same applies to wine! Be your own person. Fellow chardonnay fans – don’t be shy – Step forward now! Rugged half and I have enjoyed many a bottle of Sainsburys Blason De Bourgogne Chardonnay over the past few weeks. And we’re proud of it!

Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t stick to one region. Take risks. Don’t shy away from an unfamiliar region. A wine mistake is a bit like a fashion faux-pas. Better to make one than to live your life shying away from that bright pink body con dress. At least it will give us a laugh afterwards!

Don’t be afraid of bubbles. They will add a certain class to your evening without having to offer the vintage bottle of Dom Perignon to make your date feel special. There are some lovely glasses of bubbles out there that will suit your date and your bank account. A lovely bottle of chilled Lindauer Brut NV from New Zealand or Prosecco Marca Oro will do the job almost as nicely.

And finally…. don’t always judge a wine by its cover. I took a bold move on Saturday and bought a bottle of Boreham Wood Sauvignon Blanc. Turns out it’s from New Zealand and not Hertfordshire 😉

My top five fail-safe first date London venues are:

1) Salt Yard (http://www.saltyard.co.uk) Delicious, intimate and full of character.
2) Crazy Bear (http://www.crazybeargroup.co.uk/) Thai with a twist.
3) Artisan & Vine (http://www.artisanandvine.com/) Top wine bar. Top wine list.
4) Amuse Bouche (http://www.abcb.co.uk/) Bubbles that won’t break the bank
5) The Ebury (http://www.theebury.co.uk) 1960’s brasserie chic.

For more words of wisdom from Petit Willow you can follow her on twitter @PetitWillow

Monday 5th April 2010

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